January 2017

January 2017

Ask Dr. Danish

“I’m getting ready for some big events, and I’d like to look fresh and younger. Are there some quick and easy treatments that will give me good results?”


The answer is “Yes!” – but the recommendation will be very different for each individual, based on age, anatomy and skin type. It all starts with a consultation. When you come in, we’ll discuss your goals and create the right plan for you.

Typically, the fi rst step for rejuvenation is injectables, which restore volume to your face that is lost in aging. The result is diminished ‘laugh lines’ and marionette lines, and a lifting of the cheeks. We may also use Botox for the forehead, frown lines or crows feet.
Next, a customized laser facial to bring back your youthful glow, while addressing dark spots, spider veins, rosacea and other minor imperfections. This alone will make a marked difference that you and your friends will notice!

Finally, we finish with advanced skin care products, often with hyaluronic acid and Retin-A to smooth fi ne lines, minimize pores and provide you a smooth and younger appearance to your skin.
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