June 2017

June 2017

Ask Dr. Danish
Even with plenty of sleep, I still look tired – my eyes never look really awake anymore. I’m just 40, but my eyes make me look much older. Is this common, and what can I do about it?

For both men and women, the first visible signs of aging can appear in the eye area. Beginning in your 30’s, you may notice droopy hooded upper lids and wrinkled skin on the lower lids. This instantly communicates a lack of vitality and adds years to even the youngest faces. You might also notice the eyebrows sinking a bit, giving you an angry or serious expression. Together, these two areas can create an older and tired look well beyond your actual years.

Fortunately there are effective solutions that are so natural, nobody will ever guess you’ve had anything done. In the right hands, you will simply look refreshed, rested and naturally younger than your friends or colleagues! For the lids, the best solution is called Blepharoplasty – surgery to tighten the upper and / or lower eyelids. It has little discomfort or ‘down time’, and the incisions heal so well that no one will guess your secret! Most people say it takes more than a decade off their appearance, restoring the clear bright eyes they had in
their youth. For the brows, we often have good results with Botox, which can slightly lift the brow and remove that furrowed look. It has the added benefit of smoothing lines in the forehead. For brows that have sagged below the bony rim of your eye area, we perform endoscopic brow surgery. It takes just an hour, with incisions hidden in the hairline for a completely natural look.

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Look closely in the mirror. If your eyes make you look older than you feel, let’s discuss your options. Today, there is no reason to settle for less than your very best! It all starts with a consultation.