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Facial Plastic Surgery

Restore your natural,
youthful beauty

As a Facial Plastic Surgeon, I strive to create a natural, balanced look.
One that blends features in harmony. My goal is a younger looking you.


Why Choose Dr. Danish

Dr. Danish is a gifted plastic surgeon with the eye of an artist... Her work is natural. Never overdone. She delivers exactly what she says she will!

Dr. Danish brings the latest facial surgical and non-surgical techniques to turn back time for her patients. More than technology and science, it is her talent and vision that set her apart from other facial plastic surgeons. She pioneered the Lunchtime Lift (a mini facelift) and the Injectable Lunchtime Lift, a non-surgical in office procedure, that removes years of aging in the time it takes to have lunch. Best of all, Dr. Danish is famous for achieving natural looking results for her patients. See for yourself why more people choose Dr. Danish for a youthful look at any age. More on Dr. Danish


Our Featured Insights

Full lips signify youth and sensuality.

Full lips signify youth and sensuality. It is now possible to add volume to the lips temporarily or permanently with lip augmentation by Dr. Myra Danish. Lip enlargement enhances the lips and reduces the prominence of fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the mouth. Depending on your preferences and desired results, Dr. Danish will recommend which […]


All I want for the Holidays is ...

All I want for the Holidays is … … the smooth youthful glow I had years ago. … the young vibrant face I used to have. … A Dr. Danish Gift Certificate! We all want to look natural and beautiful and even younger than our years. That’s why I’m so grateful to see so many […]


How can I look younger, but not like I’ve had work done?

Q: How can I look younger, but not like I’ve had work done? A: Each year, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Myra Danish sees more and more men who are coming in for rejuvenating treatments. “My injectable Lunchtime Lift™ is really popular with men because they can look 10 years younger in less than an hour, […]

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The latest cosmetic technology only works well in the expert hands of a skilled and talented physician.
Discover the true benefits these products can provide for you.