Q: After this long winter, I look in the mirror and feel like my face is drooping! It’s mainly in my chin area and neck – what can I do, Dr. Danish?

A: You’re not imagining it- winter truly does show the effects of gravity! We are less active- more sedentary in the winter months, and it shows on our faces. If you are considering cosmetic procedures, spring is the best time – you’ll be refreshed and ready to jump into the new season! You will notice jowls and loose skin on your neck even in your late 30’s or early 40’s. Addressing it early can actually slow down the aging process, making your face less vulnerable to gravity and helping you maintain a smooth and youthful face well into your 60’s. Let’s talk about the Mini-Lift – a procedure that works well from age 40 to 60 and beyond. It’s actually a mini version of a full facelift and focuses on restoring and tightening the jawline and neck. I do this procedure in just one hour, and the results are immediate and long lasting. There is very minimal recovery time or discomfort, but the results are impressive! Most people feel it erases a decade of aging with a smooth and natural result.