Q: Dr Danish, no matter how much sleep I get, people say I look tired. And worse, I can even look angry or stern when I’m not! I’m only 45 but I think I look older than I am. What are my options?

A: This is a very common complaint, usually starting in the mid-30s. That sleepy look can actually hold you back in your relationships and your career. The very first signs of aging appear in the eye area. Droopy, hooded upper lids and wrinkled skin on the lower lids instantly communicate a lack of vitality even in the youngest faces. Less obvious is the role that the eyebrows play in making you look older. Together, these two areas will add years to your appearance. But happily, we have several very effective solutions that are so natural, nobody will ever know you’ve had surgery! In the right hands, you will simply look refreshed rested and naturally younger than your years. For the lids, the best solution is upper and/or lower Blepharoplasty. Most people say it takes more than a full decade off their appearance, restoring the clear bright eyes they had in their youth. The incisions heal well and are placed so that nobody will ever know your secret! Eyebrows also sag over time and add years to your appearance. If your brows are below the bony rim in a relaxed position, you’ll benefit from an endoscopic brow surgery. It takes just one hour to restore your brows to their natural position, with very short incisions in the hairline that are unnoticeable. If your brows are less troubling, but you are concerned with your forehead and frown lines, we have excellent results with Botox. Just a few minutes in office, these injections can raise the brows and smooth the forehead,removing the furrowed look and restoring a rested and youthful expression.