TRUE OR FALSE? My lips can look fuller, younger – and yes – still natural.

YES YOU CAN bring back the full lips you once had.

At any age, full lips create a soft and appealing appearance. Thinner lips, though, can make us look older and less vibrant than we feel. Whether smiling or in repose, our lips tell our age as much as any other feature.

As we age, our lips lose volume. This creates a more drawn appearance, and more pronounced lines on the lips and around the mouth. Over the years, we’ve all seen those few famous actresses with overdone lips – and this has discouraged many women (and men) from addressing this important facial feature.

Natural full lips are completely possible with the techniques available today. In office, non-surgical solutions can replace lost volume. The skill and experience of the doctor is essential to achieve the natural look and feel appropriate to your own unique facial structure.

These treatments can last a year or longer, and my patients are very enthusiastic about the results. A more permanent solution is lip implants. Today’s implants are extremely soft and pliable, and look great with no visible signs that you’ve had anything done.

Return your lips to their best luscious shape. Get started today by calling to schedule a consultation. One visit is all it takes to discover a younger looking you!