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If you’ve been waiting for an easier way to take years off your appearance – good news! Cosmetic surgery today is faster, more effective and more affordable than ever! Our techniques will give you the naturally beautiful results you want, with less downtime and virtually no discomfort. Ready?

The Lunchtime Lift™ is a one hour procedure performed in our office that lifts the cheeks, lower eyelids and jowls and restores the natural curves and fullness in the cheeks and face. It has proven highly effective to create immediate and long-lasting results with the least discomfort or downtime.

The Mini Lift addresses the lower half of the face, jawline and neck. It is effective but far less invasive than a facelift. If you are seeing early or moderate aging, and notice loose skin in your neck and jawline or the start of jowl development, let’s talk about a Mini Lift!

In skilled and experienced hands, the Facelift is nothing to fear! A facelift results in a completely refreshed appearance that turns back the effects of gravity and aging. Never pulled or tight looking, it simply erases loose skin, lost volume and sagging. This is a long lasting and beautiful way to sail through the years after 50 always looking younger and more vibrant than your age.

It starts with a consultation. We’ll talk about all your options and agree on the best next steps for you. I look forward to meeting you.

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What’s the best age for Rhinoplasty?

Dr.   Danish Rhinoplasty

Does your nose give you ‘character’, or is it indeed distracting from your appearance? Are you wondering how much better you’d feel with a nose that flatters your face? Many people think that rhinoplasty (“a nose job”) is just for younger people, to correct an obviously mismatched size or shape.

Not so! As we age, the nasal support systems including the cartilage weaken, resulting in droopy tips, lengthening or flattening and other changes. Also, the natural loss of volume in your face can make your nose seem more pronounced. What was a small flaw can become a major source of dissatisfaction.

Young or old, you want your nose to flatter your face. After all, it is the center of your face and the hallmark of your profile. When any facial feature is disproportionate, it throws off the natural balance and detracts from your appearance. Your beautiful eyes or vibrant smile can be overshadowed by a crooked or misshapen nose. And yes, it can make you look older.

With rhinoplasty, noses can be straightened, made smaller, bumps removed and tips lifted, resulting in a more shapely, youthful and complimentary centerpoint for your face. The most important considerations are: an experienced surgeon, an analysis of your unique nasal structure and function, and a thorough consultation to understand your desired result.

My approach is to create facial balance and harmony, resulting in a nose that fits and flatters your face well and never looks surgically altered. If your nose has been bothering you and it’s worsening with age, don’t put it off. Your “best you” starts with a consultation!

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A Sizzling Summer Starts with Hot Lips

Dr. Danish

Do you know what your lips are saying? Are they sending a message that you are older than you are?  One of the first signs of aging is a loss of volume in your lips, which can create a tired or sad look to your mouth and exaggerates fine lines on your lips and around your mouth.

We’ve all seen some famous models and actors with overdone lips (the dreaded “duck lips”!) and that has discouraged many women (and men) from addressing this important facial feature.

The good news?  Full natural lips are completely available with the techniques we use today.  In office, non-surgical solutions are excellent to replace lost volume. The skill and experience of the doctor is essential to achieve the natural look and feel that is appropriate to your own unique facial structure.

These treatments can last a year or longer, and my patients are very enthusiastic about the results.  For those seeking a more permanent solution, let’s discuss lip implants. Today’s lip implants are soft and pliable, and nobody will know you’ve done anything… except you turned back time!   I look forward to seeing you for a consultation soon.

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Beautiful Freedom

Dr. Danish
As we welcome back our patients and friends to our offices, I’m reminded of the freedoms we often take for granted. the ‘stay at home’ restrictions put our lives on hold, and I hope you are celebrating the return of some normalcy – I know I am!

As we welcome back our patients and friends to our offices, I’m reminded of the freedoms we often take for granted. The ‘stay at home’ restrictions put our lives on hold, and I hope you
are celebrating the return of some normalcy – I know I am! I hope you were following my guidelines about sleep, cleansing, massaging and great skin care products. Even so, it’s time to make up for lost treatments that would have kept you ahead of the aging curve. There are three things to consider right now: the texture, volume and elasticity of your face and neck. Are you as bright and youthful as you’d like to be?

Laser facials provide a boost to the clarity and texture of your skin, while improving fine lines, age spots and discoloration. You’ll love how this alone can turn back the aging process, returning that youthful glow to your face in just a few easy treatments. The other major signs of aging are sagging and loss of volume. We combine injectables and fillers to address your unique facial structure and aging pattern, to return lost volume and provide a subtle lift to your forehead, brows, cheeks and lip area. All this in a single visit to our offices. And, since we rarely have so much time at home, it’s the perfect time for procedures that require a bit of recovery. Let’s talk about your facelift or eyelid lift now, so you can take your time recovering at home!

We start with a consultation to discuss your unique aging signs, and customize a program just for you. To celebrate the reopening of our offices, your first
consultation is free. Of course, we’re maintaining strict health procedures even as restrictions are lifting, and we’ll discuss them with you when you call for your appointment. We’ll make your first visit back the most safe and comfortable experience possible. I look forward to personally welcoming you back. Let’s make this your most beautiful summer ever!

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