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Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips
“Natural, full lips can take years off your appearance – in the time it takes to have lunch!”
– Myra Danish, MD, FACS

Q: Dr. Danish, how can I bring back the full lips I had in my younger years? They seem to get thinner and straighter every year.

A: It’s true! Full lips create a soft and appealing look at every age, and thinner lips make you look older and less vibrant than you feel. Whether smiling or in repose, our lips tell our age as much as any other feature.

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How has the field of plastic surgery changed over the years?

Q: Dr. Danish, how has the field of plastic surgery changed over the years – for the better or for the worse?

A: I’m excited to report that 2020 brings some major good news in cosmetic procedures. I like to say, we finally have ‘20-20 vision,’ where we look at the whole face and not just the individual parts. No more over-pumped lips out of sync with the balance of the face. No more hollow eyes and up-swept jawlines that look artificial.

When you look in the mirror, you should see a totally natural and balanced appearance – never looking artificial. I have been at the forefront of creating the blend of procedures that results in a beautiful, naturally younger looking you. Each person’s facial anatomy, skin type and degree of aging are unique. When a patient comes to me, I look at their face and then design a program of customized treatments for the very best outcome. In my hands, you will look natural, refreshed,
more energetic and simply, a younger version of yourself.

How has the field of plastic surgery changed over the years?

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