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Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips
“Natural, full lips can take years off your appearance – in the time it takes to have lunch!”
– Myra Danish, MD, FACS

Q: Dr. Danish, how can I bring back the full lips I had in my younger years? They seem to get thinner and straighter every year.

A: It’s true! Full lips create a soft and appealing look at every age, and thinner lips make you look older and less vibrant than you feel. Whether smiling or in repose, our lips tell our age as much as any other feature.

As we age, our lips lose volume. This creates a drawn appearance and emphasizes the lines on the lips and around the mouth. Nobody wants that! Often we’re afraid to seek out solutions because we see actors or models with overdone lips, and it discourages us from addressing this important facial feature.

Full and natural lips are completely possible with the techniques available today. We replace lost volume in your lips using non-surgical solutions done right here in our office. The skill and experience of the doctor is essential to achieve the natural look and feel you want – one that is appropriate to your own unique facial structure.

These treatments can be done in one visit, and results can last a year or longer. My patients are very enthusiastic about the results. If you seek a more permanent solution, we’ll discuss lip implants. These are extremely soft and pliable, and look great with no visible signs you’ve had any facial enhancements.

A Happy Valentine’s Day starts with a visit to Dr. Danish! Call today for your consultation.

All I want for the Holidays is …

All I want for the Holidays is …

… the smooth youthful glow I had years ago.

… the young vibrant face I used to have.

… A Dr. Danish Gift Certificate!

We all want to look natural and beautiful and even younger than our years. That’s why I’m so grateful to see so many patients, friends and spouses giving Dr. Danish Gift Certificates this year! It’s a special gift we all need these days, to invest in ourselves, looking and feeling great again.

Your solution is just a phone call away – and while you’re here, get a free consultation or a quick and easy laser facial or injectable treatment. Make the holidays extra merry with a Dr. Danish Gift Certificate. We look forward to seeing you.

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A Fresh & Fabulous You

What’s the #1 question I’m asked nearly every day? “What is the easiest but most effective thing I can do to remove years from my face?”

My answer? Have an Eyelid Lift, called a Blepharoplasty. Why? You’ll see an immediate energy boost on your face. Gone are the bags and sags that created a tired and even sad look. Now, people will remark how refreshed you look! It’s more than appearance, though. You’ll feel more energized and ready for what’s next.

It starts with a consultation, where we talk specifics about your face and your eyes and what you want to achieve. I’ll answer all your questions and make sure you are completely comfortable. On treatment day, everything is done right in my office usually in less than one hour. There are no visible scars, recovery is very fast and virtually pain free. As an added bonus, it is surprisingly affordable too! The vast majority of patients remark how simple and easy it was, and wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

How many years could you erase with a eyelid lift? Let’s talk about it! Your best life starts now – so what are you waiting for?

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Find a Fresh New You

If you’ve been waiting for an easier way to take years off your appearance – good news! Cosmetic surgery today is faster, more effective and more affordable than ever! Our techniques will give you the naturally beautiful results you want, with less downtime and virtually no discomfort. Ready?

The Lunchtime Lift™ is a one hour procedure performed in our office that lifts the cheeks, lower eyelids and jowls and restores the natural curves and fullness in the cheeks and face. It has proven highly effective to create immediate and long-lasting results with the least discomfort or downtime.

The Mini Lift addresses the lower half of the face, jawline and neck. It is effective but far less invasive than a facelift. If you are seeing early or moderate aging, and notice loose skin in your neck and jawline or the start of jowl development, let’s talk about a Mini Lift!

In skilled and experienced hands, the Facelift is nothing to fear! A facelift results in a completely refreshed appearance that turns back the effects of gravity and aging. Never pulled or tight looking, it simply erases loose skin, lost volume and sagging. This is a long lasting and beautiful way to sail through the years after 50 always looking younger and more vibrant than your age.

It starts with a consultation. We’ll talk about all your options and agree on the best next steps for you. I look forward to meeting you.

Call today.

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