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True or False: October is one of the best month’s for cosmetic surgery.

True: October allows for plenty of time for rest and recovery before the busy holiday season.

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If you have ever suffered through the pain of waxing, the embarrassment of unwanted hair peeking out from your bathing suit, or any hair where it’s just not supposed to be – you know this is no small issue! The good news is that now, every body can celebrate the end of unwanted hair. Both men and women are saying goodbye to shaving, waxing and tweezing thanks to new laser technology. #befabulous and schedule an appointment today. 248.267.9700



When it comes to a younger looking face,
real long lasting results require major surgery.


1. Laser Facials
Laser Facials regenerate collagen to restore some fullness in your face and have big benefits for your complexion. We use laser facials to reverse sun damage, reduce pore size, correct redness and pigmentation and leave you with a healthy glow. Don’t let the word “facial” fool you – this is a powerful and effective treatment for both men and women!
2. Injectables
Injectables return youthful volume to your face. We’ll discuss all your options, including Radiesse, Voluma, and Sculptra. The skill and experience of your doctor play a big role in the effectiveness of injectables. There is a reason these are so popular with my patients: they work!
3. Lunchtime Lift TM
Lunchtime Lift TM is a surgical approach that provides a natural lift to your cheeks and restores lost volume with no visible scars – all in the time it takes to have lunch! This procedure has significant and long-lasting results, leaving you looking naturally rested and restored with far less recovery time.

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Q: I’m tired of having to wax or shave my hairy chest and neck. Is there an alternative for men?

Q: I’m tired of having to wax or shave my hairy chest and neck. Is there an alternative for men who want to get rid of their unsightly hair for good?

A: More than ever, men are having laser hair removal to help them look their best. It’s not vanity; it’s about having confidence, making a good impression in your personal and business relationships and staying competitive in the workforce.

Thanks to advances in technology, laser hair removal can permanently eliminate facial hair or body hair after a series of just six sessions. The laser is adjusted based on your hair type and skin type to optimize the hair removal procedure.  A back or chest can be treated in less than 30 minutes with minimal discomfort. Laser hair removal targets unwanted hair on the arms, underarms, shoulders, stomach, chest, abs and other areas.

Say goodbye to painful waxing, ingrown facial hairs, and razor-cuts. The old methods of hair removal are time-consuming, costly and can be difficult. In experienced hands, laser hair removal for men is an easy, efficient and lasting solution.

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