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All I want for the Holidays is …

All I want for the Holidays is … … the smooth youthful glow I had years ago. … the young vibrant face I used to have. … A Dr. Danish Gift Certificate! We all want to look natural and beautiful and even younger than our years. That’s why I’m so grateful to see so many […]

A Fresh & Fabulous You

My answer? Have an Eyelid Lift, called a Blepharoplasty. Why? You’ll see an immediate energy boost on your face. Gone are the bags and sags that created a tired and even sad look. Now, people will remark how refreshed you look! It’s more than appearance, though. You’ll feel more energized and ready for what’s next. […]

Find a Fresh New You

The Lunchtime Lift™ is a one-hour procedure performed in our office that lifts the cheeks, lower eyelids, and jowls and restores the natural curves and fullness in the cheeks and face. It has proven highly effective to create immediate and long-lasting results with the least discomfort or downtime. The Mini Lift addresses the lower half […]