Q: Dr. Danish, my skin is looking more tired every year. How can I bring back the complexion I had in my younger years?

A: Oh the things we take for granted! The quality of your complexion is under attack every
day, as your skin is exposed to the elements, harsh environments, cosmetics, stress, nutrition and even poor sleep. Each one of these compromises the look and texture of your skin, particularly on your face, neck and hands. Year after year, these take a toll on the natural glow
and elasticity of your skin. The good news is, we have a terrific set of procedures to restore the youthful appearance of your skin, visibly turning back the clock! Each treatment is carefully matched to your own unique set of challenges, based on an in-depth analysis of your skin and your desired outcome. For more complete results, many patients choose laser resurfacing, chemical peels or
dermabrasion. We also have a full menu of less invasive procedures with little to no ‘downtime’ including laser facials, radio frequency skin tightening/ contouring and microneedling.

“If you’d like to look younger, but surgery is just not for you – there is good news! Start today and enjoy the fall season looking and feeling your best.” – Myra Danish, MD, FACS