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What’s the best age for Rhinoplasty?

Does your nose give you ‘character’, or is it indeed distracting from your appearance? Are you wondering how much better you’d feel with a nose that flatters your face? Many people think that rhinoplasty (“a nose job”) is just for younger people, to correct an obviously mismatched size or shape.

Not so! As we age, the nasal support systems including the cartilage weaken, resulting in droopy tips, lengthening or flattening and other changes. Also, the natural loss of volume in your face can make your nose seem more pronounced. What was a small flaw can become a major source of dissatisfaction.

Young or old, you want your nose to flatter your face. After all, it is the center of your face and the hallmark of your profile. When any facial feature is disproportionate, it throws off the natural balance and detracts from your appearance. Your beautiful eyes or vibrant smile can be overshadowed by a crooked or misshapen nose. And yes, it can make you look older.

With rhinoplasty, noses can be straightened, made smaller, bumps removed and tips lifted, resulting in a more shapely, youthful and complimentary centerpoint for your face. The most important considerations are: an experienced surgeon, an analysis of your unique nasal structure and function, and a thorough consultation to understand your desired result.

My approach is to create facial balance and harmony, resulting in a nose that fits and flatters your face well and never looks surgically altered. If your nose has been bothering you and it’s worsening with age, don’t put it off. Your “best you” starts with a consultation!

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