Whether you are 35 or 75, you want to look young and vibrant. Today, there are steps we can take to
slow and yes, reverse the signs of aging! Our goal is to manage the aging process so you are at your
best at every age. Gravity, loss of volume and loss of elasticity are the main culprits, and all of these are
addressed with effective treatments and procedures performed in our office with minimal down-time and virtually no discomfort.

The big news is this: we’ve taken the fear out of the facelift! Gone are the days of the pulled, unnatural
looking facelift. Now, in the right hands, you’ll look soft and natural with a smooth and youthful
appearance. There are three types of ‘lifts’ available to you, each designed for a specific desired result.

The Minilift corrects the early signs of aging in the neck and jowls, and actually improves the way you
age over time. This is particularly effective for those in their 40s and 50s, when faster healing and better
muscle tone aid in a quick recovery time.

The Lunchtime Lift addresses the mid-face area,gently lifting the cheeks, jowls and lower eyelids to restore the natural curves and fullness in your face. This creates both an immediate and long lasting youthful appearance, and slows the effects of gravity over time. The full Facelift addresses the neck, jawline and mid face, bringing back the definition that years have taken away. Our techniques today allow for a completely natural look that is both fresh and age appropriate, never looking pulled or artificial.

“Looking naturally young and beautiful is possible at every age! Here is my advice: you should never
wait one minute longer than you want to, or act one minute earlier than you are comfortable. If it’s time
for you to manage the aging process, call my office today. We’ll meet and discuss all the possibilities, and
then I’ll develop a customized plan for you based on your unique facial structure, skin tone and aging
status. I look forward to meeting you.”

– Myra N. Danish, M.D., F.A.C.S.