Facial and Body Contouring

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Today, there are non-surgical procedures to tighten and lift areas of the face and body that provide great results without surgery! Often called “body sculpting”, both men and women are thrilled with the results.

  • This is a non-surgical procedure
  • Promotes collagen regeneration
  • Results in a tighter and smoother appearance

At your consultation, we’ll discuss ReLift – a gentle radio-frequency treatment performed in a series of comfortable office visits. ReLift works to repair elasticity and tighten your skin, shrinking fat cells, enhancing circulation and promoting collagen regeneration. The result is a tighter and smoother appearance wherever it is applied – from your brow area, face, jowls or neck, to your arms, tummy or thighs. ReLift has most of the benefits, but none of the perceived drawback, of surgery. There is no down-time, no injections or scars, and it’s performed right in Dr. Danish’s office during a regular office visit.

If something about your face or figure is holding you back or making you look older than you feel, why not take action today. It all starts with a consultation.