When it comes to a younger looking face,
real long lasting results require major surgery.


Yes, it’s Spring – but if you just can’t shake that pale drawn or droopy look of Winter, it is time for some professional help!

It can start as early as your late 30’s with a noticeable loss of volume and a ‘flattening’ in your cheeks and chin. This loss of volume creates a drawn, tired look even when you feel great. This can happen years before your skin loses its elasticity before you need a facelift or major surgical remedies. But the result is the same: you look older than you feel, and you don’t like it.

Here are three effective treatments for both men and women to consider, based on your individual degree of visible aging:

1. Laser Facials

Laser Facials regenerate collagen to restore some fullness in your face and have big benefits for your complexion. We use laser facials to reverse sun damage, reduce pore size, correct redness and pigmentation and leave you with a healthy glow. Don’t let the word “facial” fool you – this is a powerful and effective treatment for both men and women!

2. Injectables

Injectables return youthful volume to your face. We’ll discuss all your options, including Radiesse, Voluma, and Sculptra. The skill and experience of your doctor play a big role in the effectiveness of injectables. There is a reason these are so popular with my patients: they work!

3. Lunchtime Lift TM

Lunchtime Lift TM is a surgical approach that provides a natural lift to your cheeks and restores lost volume with no visible scars – all in the time it takes to have lunch! This procedure has significant and long-lasting results, leaving you looking naturally rested and restored with far less recovery time.

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