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The minilift is among the most popular facelifts today because it is effective but far less invasive than a facelift. The procedure addresses the lower half of the face, jawline and neck. If you are experiencing early or moderate aging, and notice loose skin in your neck and jawline or the start of jowl development, you should explore the advantages of a minilift.

  • Performed in one hour, typically with a one week recovery period.
  • Recovery has only minor discomfort, with some bruising and swelling that can easily be camouflaged.
  • The results are a lifted, tighter neck, jawline and face.

The Results

For the right candidate, the results are firm, natural and youthful. Dr. Danish has performed well over a thousand minilifts and is an expert on the procedure. She is double board certified in facial plastic surgery as well as head and neck surgery. Patients are very pleased with the results of their minilift and often say they wish they had done it sooner.


Those interested in cosmetic facial surgery may visit Dr. Danish’s Troy office for more information on financing or to learn more about the cost of her procedures. Please contact facial plastic surgeon Dr. Myra Danish at her practice in Troy serving the metro Detroit area for a minilift consultation. Consultations can help you understand the possible results of minilift surgery. Consider applying for Care Credit® online for instant approval.

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