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Men, women and children need not suffer from the teasing and self-consciousness associated with prominent ears. A procedure known as otoplasty can correct ears that stick out and, if necessary, can reduce the size of large ears.

  • Improves the shape and position of the ear
  • Also known as “Ear Pinning”
  • Can also reduce the size of large ears

Dr. Myra Danish makes a small incision behind the ear through which she shapes and bends the cartilage so that the ears sit more closely to the head. Ears that stick out, large ears, lopped or cupped ears, and shell ears may all be corrected with plastic surgery. Incisions can usually be placed behind the ears or in other places where scars will be inconspicuous.


Please visit if you would like meet with Dr. Myra Danish to discuss how Otoplasty can help you. Patients interested in facial plastic surgery may also visit her Metro Detroit area office for more information on financing or to learn more about the cost of her procedures. Please apply for Care Credit® online to receive instant approval.

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