Skin Products

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Dr. Danish is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who researches skin products regularly to bring you the very best lines. Our skin care products have research-proven ingredients with anti-aging benefits. We have our own line of Pure Rejuvenation skin products as well as other lines including Neocutis and La Roche Posay. Please visit our office located in Troy, Michigan and we will recommend the best products for your skin type. We also have the best line of facial and body sunscreens – a must to block the sun’s harmful rays that can make the skin age faster. You’ll receive a consultation and recommendations for the best products in concert with your treatments or facial plastic surgery. Call us for an appointment today.

To serve the full range of our patients’ needs, we offer a complete menu of non-invasive procedures that are both gentle and effective. Call to discuss your individual needs and we’ll help you select the best treatment plan for you. All procedures are done inside Dr. Danish’s office in Troy, Michigan.