Spider Vein Treatment

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If you are troubled by spider veins on your legs or face, Laser Treatments can reduce the prominence and even eliminate the appearance of spider veins for good. During laser vein treatment, you may feel a slight sharp tingle, often described as the feeling of a small rubber band being snapped over the treated area. However, no anesthetic is needed, and the procedure is not generally considered to be a painful one.

  • Reduce prominence and even eliminate spider veins permanently
  • No anesthetic is needed
  • Treatment customized to individual needs

Most people require three treatments to achieve their best results, shrinking the spider veins to the point where they are no longer visible. Spider vein treatment will be customized to your individual needs, after an examination of your face and/ or legs. To learn more about Dr. Danish’s Troy/ Greater Metro Detroit area facial plastic surgery practice and spider vein treatment pricing, or other skin care treatments, please contact the office of Dr. Danish today.

To serve the full range of our patients’ needs, we offer a complete menu of non-invasive procedures that are both gentle and effective. Call to discuss your individual needs and we’ll help you select the best treatment plan for you. All procedures are done inside Dr. Danish’s office in Troy, Michigan.