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Dr. Danish is a gifted surgeon with the eye of an artist… Her work is natural. Never overdone. She delivers exactly what she says she will!

Dr. Danish uses the latest surgical and nonsurgical techniques to turn back time for her patients. Along with Unasource Plastic Surgery and Spa, her practice provides a full complement of injectables and nonsurgical skin treatments.


“Cosmetic Surgery is one of the best gifts I have given myself. Dr. Danish whittled away the aging process and the result was a younger me! Dr. Danish has a great eye for Aesthetics! The aftercare was great and I was back to work in 5 days!

Thank you Dr. Danish! I highly recommend!”


“My experience with Dr. Danish and her staff was exceptional. I felt extremely comfortable with Dr. Danish and knew I was in good hands. Being a man, I was not familiar with the procedures, but I knew something needed to be done. I was having a hard time seeing clearly and driving at night. Dr. Danish and her staff prepared me with all the information I needed to know about the surgery and what to expect. I am very thankful for the amazing results, and what a huge difference Dr. Danish has made for me. I feel like I look 20 years younger.”


“Dr. Danish is a gifted surgeon with the eye of an artist . . . Her work is natural . . . Never overdone. She delivers exactly what she says she will!”


“I started seeing Dr. Danish when I turned 40 and was unhappy with what aging was doing to my appearance. From the very first visit Dr. Danish and her staff made me feel very comfortable and guided me through the available options. Dr. Danish is an expert at helping maintain a youthful look without looking like I have had anything done. I also required face and neck surgery after removal of basal cell and went directly to Dr. Danish. What could of ended up being a terrible scar on my face is now undetectable thanks to her. Through everything I have had done with Dr. Danish, both her and her staff have been wonderful, they truly make you feel at home in their office. Now that I am 50+, I look younger than I did when I first walked into Dr. Danish’s office. I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else!!!”


“I am extremely pleased with my entire experience with Dr. Danish. Her initial consultation was very comfortable for me to understand what procedure she felt were most beneficial to my appearance. The results are great. I highly recommend Dr. Danish.”


“Slowly over the past five years the mirror was no longer my friend. The face that was reflected back to me was aging faster than I physically felt. My neck looked 15 years older than I am. The day I took “selfie” picture of a hair style for my daughter’s upcoming wedding was the day I knew I was going to move forward with cosmetic surgery. The picture did not get sent to my daughter because my neck was hanging over my sweater. Dr. Myra Danish was highly recommended to me and I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to look as young as they feel. From the minute I walked in to her office, I felt welcomed and comfortable. Dr. Danish and her staff were very professional. Dr. Danish listened to my concerns, made recommendations and a month later I had surgery for a face and brow lift. Ten days post operatively, I was able to resume my social and work life. My “after” pictures reinforce my decision to have surgery. I now look as old as I feel in a good way. I did not share my surgery with outside family members or friends. No one has suspected that I had cosmetic surgery. I look exactly the way I did ten years ago. I could not be happier with the end results. I am very thankful for the recommendations that led me to Dr. Danish.”


“As an athlete I work hard to feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. However, as we all know, aging and gravity causes sagging skin,especially on the eyes and face. But, I did not know what to do about it.

Fortunately my sister, who feels the same way I do, Did do something about it. She went to Dr. Myra Danish and had her eyes and face done. She looks fantastic! My friends can’t believe how young she looks.

So I made an appointment with Dr. Danish. What a great experience, very experienced Dr. and dedicated staff. This gave me the confidence to do it!

I had my eyes done and a mini face lift plus a couple other procedures that I forgot the names of. The surgery turned out great. Recovery was not as bad as expected. I was monitored by Dr. Danish and staff during the whole recuperation to make sure everything was perfect. I was back to work in about a week.

This is a decision that I’m very happy to have made. Now I look as good as I feel. I’m 59 years old and people think I’m in my forty’s. Thanks to DR. DANISH.”


Put your best face forward because a miny is no biggy with Dr. Danish! She gives you time to be you longer!

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