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If you have ever suffered through the pain of waxing, the embarrassment of unwanted hair peeking out from your bathing suit, or any hair where it’s just not supposed to be – you know this is no small issue! The good news is that now, every body can celebrate the end of unwanted hair. Both men and women are saying goodbye to shaving, waxing and tweezing thanks to new laser technology. #befabulous and schedule an appointment today. 248.267.9700



When it comes to a younger looking face,
real long lasting results require major surgery.


1. Laser Facials
Laser Facials regenerate collagen to restore some fullness in your face and have big benefits for your complexion. We use laser facials to reverse sun damage, reduce pore size, correct redness and pigmentation and leave you with a healthy glow. Don’t let the word “facial” fool you – this is a powerful and effective treatment for both men and women!
2. Injectables
Injectables return youthful volume to your face. We’ll discuss all your options, including Radiesse, Voluma, and Sculptra. The skill and experience of your doctor play a big role in the effectiveness of injectables. There is a reason these are so popular with my patients: they work!
3. Lunchtime Lift TM
Lunchtime Lift TM is a surgical approach that provides a natural lift to your cheeks and restores lost volume with no visible scars – all in the time it takes to have lunch! This procedure has significant and long-lasting results, leaving you looking naturally rested and restored with far less recovery time.

Discover a natural, younger-looking you today!
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Spring is a Perfect Time for A New You!

The only way to take years off my appearance is a full facelift.

FALSE: We can help you turn back the signs of aging with fast and effective new techniques.

You’ll love how you look again. You’re not imagining it- winter does take a toll on your face. Dry air and more sedentary lifestyles show up on our faces with a loss of elasticity, more lines and sagging. The good news is you can repair and refresh your appearance now and greet the Spring looking years younger.


In your late 30’s, you will start to notice jowls and loose skin on your neck. This is a main signal of aging and can prematurely add years to your appearance. Addressing it early slows down the aging process, making your face less vulnerable to gravity and helping you maintain a smooth and youthful face well into your 60’s.

Advanced Treatments

Of course, we offer advanced treatments in office to address all signs of aging, but the most effective and long-lasting approach to this is the Mini-Lift – a procedure that works well from age 40 to 60 and beyond. It’s actually a mini version of a full facelift and focuses on restoring and tightening the jawline and neck.


I do this procedure in just one hour, and the results are immediate and long-lasting. There is very minimal recovery time or discomfort, but the results are impressive! Most people feel it erases a decade of aging with a smooth and natural result. And even better, you’ll continue to look more youthful with less fuss – your friends will just remark about how beautifully you are aging!

Where to Start

It starts with a consultation. We’ll talk about how to reverse the signs of aging specific to your features and agree on the best next steps for you. If you are considering cosmetic procedures, Spring is the best time – you’ll be refreshed and ready to jump into the new season! I look forward to meeting you.

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Prepare to be FABULOUS

It’s never too early or too late to look your best.

You can look and feel beautiful at every age. When something is keeping you from feeling your best, the time is now!

Do you look in the mirror and wonder where your fresh youthful appearance went? Do you pull up the sides fo your face to see what a lift to your jowls, cheeks or brows could look like? If so – what are you waiting for?

The big news is this: we’ve taken the fear out of the facelift! Gone are the days of the pulled, un-natural looking facelift. Today, in the right hands, you’ll look firm and natural, with a smooth and youthful appearance. No one should ever look at you and detect that you’ve had a facelift – only that you look fabulous!

It starts with a consultation. We’ll discuss your desired appearance, and put a plan together to give you the fresh look you want with the least possible recovery time. Early on, many non-invasive procedures can provide great results. Over 50, laser treatments, mini-lifts and full facelifts provide the long-lasting results that will keep you well ahead of the aging process for years to come.

Here is my advice about the right time for a procedure: when something about your appearance catches your attention repeatedly, that’s the signal to take steps to change it. There are benefits to taking action early – faster healing and better muscle tone aid in the recovery time. You should never wait one minute longer than you want to, or act one minuter earlier than you are comfortable.

One visit is all it takes to discover a younger looking you!
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