Q: Does surgery take the place of fillers?

 A: According to facial plastic surgeon Dr. Myra Danish, it’s a misconception that surgery and fillers are interchangeable.

Operations such as her lunchtime lift (mid-face lift) or cheek implants will add volume in the cheek area but not to the temples, tear troughs and chin. Layering different treatments gives you the most youthful, natural and best appearance.

Aging is a multi-dimensional process that includes loss of volume, decreased skin elasticity and the effects of gravity and hyperactive muscles. Dr. Danish addresses every element of the aging process using the best and simplest procedures for optimal results.

“In general, for hyperactive muscles and lines you can consider injections like Botox. For loss of volume, the simplest solution is fillers or implants. In the mid-face, however, you might consider surgery or implants and then, possibly, fillers in other parts of the face,” Dr. Danish points out. “Surgery can address the effects of gravity and loss of skin elasticity, especially for the neck and jawline, brows and eyelids. The last ‘layer’ is skin care with customized laser facials and medical grade anti-aging facial products.”

Each person’s facial anatomy and degree of aging differ. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Danish to learn the best treatment options for complete and natural looking facial rejuvenation.